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Financial Planning with The Seminara Group

At Astute Academics, we have a saying, when it comes to test-prep and college planning, “It is never too early, it is never too late,” and the same is applicable to financial planning for your children’s future. At Astute Academics, we tailor our services to each client’s individual needs in our pursuit of delivering “education catered to you”. This allows an individual to achieve his or her optimal level of success. That begs the question: why should financial planning be any different?

Your family’s financial stability is often one of the least pressing concerns in the daily thought process. For those fortunate enough, financials are on autopilot (literally and figuratively). Paychecks are on direct deposit, and utility bills are on auto-pay. Even savings have become automated with apps like Mint, Albert, and save the change programs through banks who automatically take the change from your purchase and transfer it to a savings account. Planning for tomorrow often takes a back seat to the needs of today. This includes college, retirement, and other various investment planning. Security for the future requires creativity and adaptability. Today, many financial companies are sales-oriented, offering one strategy or program to define a quadrilateral parallelogram. That is the landscape of problematic thinking. Noticing this trend through our own research, we endeavored to find a strategy that complimented our mission of tailoring our services to each individual’s unique needs. When we received the contact for The Seminara Group from a trusted source, we knew we had found the financial yin to our educational yang.

To serve our clients’ varied needs, we have developed a relationship with The Seminara Group to provide our clients with astute resources for their wealth management, which may directly apply to the college planning process. In addition to the talent and perceptive strategies at The Seminara Group, we also admire how they approach each client with confidence and care, making the experience comprehensive and convenient, something we can all benefit from during these historically hectic times. Every member of the team works to ensure that their clients feel welcomed, valued, and secure. At Astute Academics, we have been helping clients with their financial aid and scholarship applications. We have explored the Return on Investment (ROI) of attending various institutions, but the addition of financial consulting from an esteemed group like The Seminara Group assures our clients that their journey through the higher education environment is planned and prepared for in its entirety.

Whether you are a current client, prospective client, or a member of the public, James Julich from The Seminara Group can help guide you through planning for the future and not just about setting up a 529, which anybody can do, but James can offer the guidance and support necessary to understand how to balance that 529 accounts with other potential policies to maximize the amount of financial aid that an individual receives. Most people do not explain that when applying for financial aid, the larger a 529 policy, the more restricted an applicant’s financial aid eligibility.

Here at Astute Academics, we pride ourselves on tenaciously seeking valuable information that will support our clients’ needs. Our perspective is to ensure that by providing you with a resource such as The Seminara Group and James Julich, you are able to utilize their expertise in order to exhaust financial options to ensure the approach taken delivers the greatest return on investment. Please contact James via phone at (973)236-3601 or email at

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