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SAT/ACT Preparation

Programs Designed for Success




Astute Academics, located in Randolph NJ, offers comprehensive 12 week SAT/ACT prep classes in limited class sizes. Within the 12 weeks, students are exposed to numerous practice problems and full length tests, as well as 2 hour long, weekly classroom lessons that cover the nuances of both tests. Teaching a variety of skills necessary for success on both the ACT and SAT, Astute Academics offers an unparalleled service to its students. Limiting the class to 6 students allows each student to learn effectively, with an emphasis on retention. Through our preparation courses, we have seen numerous students improve their scores by 240 points on the SAT and 12 points on the ACT.

Class space is limited so act fast to ensure you and your student are prepared for the next SAT/ACT test cycle!

In addition to our 12 week prep course, Astute Academics offers both Math/Science and English/Reading intensive classes that last 8 weeks each. These classes build on the 12 week program and allow students to focus on specific sections that they would like to improve. 

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