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Support for Non-Profits

Providing Access to Educational Innovations



For nearly 10 years, Astute Academics has proudly served our communities' most deserving students through supportive programs offered to Non-Profit organizations. We believe strongly that an excellent education is a fundamental right of every student, which is why we seek to address educational equity. Empowering students to understand that they absolutely can is central to the Astute Academics' way. Through the support of incredible local and national 501(c)(3) organizations, Astute Academics has sought to assist these groups by providing access to college prep services with outstanding programs and resources that will help them succeed and thrive. We recognize the shared responsibility to empower students to pursue higher education and the opportunity to fully realize his or her strengths, which is why we support deserving groups and demographics.  





In addition to our work with non-profits, we have provided educational consulting to both public school and private school districts, grades K-12, to enrich their college preparatory programs. Through teacher training, virtual support, test prep services (eg. SAT, ACT, PSAT, PACT, Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, Student Learning Standards Assessments), and college counseling development programs, we have been able to provide greater access to college admissions by analyzing and designing programs to support the protean needs of public and private school districts. Our consulting adds insight into current practices so that teaching deficiencies and curriculum developments can be addressed to improve the aspects of learning impacted by interaction. Ensuring that schools offer supplemental support and develop implementable programs to foster better working models, we are here to help students create habits in virtual, hybrid, or in-person environments. Regardless of the obstacle, we are equipped to assist your institution, tailoring programs to your students' needs through communication and collaboration to build the strongest dynamic possible. With a keen eye and astute ear, we are poised to understand unique challenges and develop innovative solutions because your success is our success. 

If you are affiliated with a non-profit or school district that would be interested in utilizing our services, please forward your inquiries to

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